Sponsor: Chrissy Steele


Who: Grades 1-4

When: Third Monday of every month 

Location: Auditorium 3:15-4:30

Contact: Mrs. Chrissy Steele @ csteele@gcak12.org

The mission of our STEM Club is to orchestrate Godly principles thru science, technology, engineering and math. As stewards of God’s creation, our engaging and hands-on STEM learning experiences challenge students by presenting complex problems that are related to real-world scenarios to develop critical thinking skills through processes such as inquiry, problem solving, and creative thinking. STEM Clubs aim to build confidence and develop students’ excitement in STEM subjects, while building knowledge and application of STEM content and processes. 




Who:  Grades 5th-12th

When: TBD

Where: 223

Contact: Dr. Shi @ pshi@gcak12.org

Chess Club gives students an opportunity to play friendly games of chess against their peers in a low-stress environment. Chess promotes higher order thinking skills and positive socialization in a fun and friendly forum at school. Students of all levels are welcome to come. Help and instructions will be given to beginners.  

As the year progresses, chess variants and strategies will be taught. Initially Chess Club will be for recreational purposes, however as participants improve we will take part in competitions.