3RD GRADE Classroom


The third grade reading program is designed to produce confident, independent readers by increasing fluency, building vocabulary, and developing and deepening comprehension. Students participate daily in oral and silent reading, take weekly comprehension tests, and read grade level readers plus two novels. They also complete written and oral book reports along with participating in Scholastic Reading Counts.


Spelling involves building a richer vocabulary through daily practice and weekly tests. Also included are sections of nine poems the students read and memorize.

Language Arts

The study of Language in third grade includes learning proper sentence construction, capitalization and punctuation, proper word usage, the identification of parts of speech, and writing paragraphs and letters. Writing skills are reinforced through daily journal assignments and several written works including book reports, narratives, and essays.


Our math curriculum uses a traditional approach with emphasis on mastery of the basic facts that are then applied to higher level problem solving. Students participate in various drills and written timed tests of the multiplication facts throughout the year. The emphasis is on whole number operations, which are basic additions, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurements, time, money, geometry, and problem solving

Social Studies

The course in history includes the study of American heritage through the lives of great people. The time period studied is from the 1400’s through the 1900’s. Also included are United States geography, world geography, and map reading skills. Students also choose a prominent person to act out on a special dress-up day.


Purposeful Design Science is an inquiry-based, hands-on approach to science instruction that helps students have numerous opportunities to discover principles and truths of God's creation. Lessons are designed to engage the students in investigation. Units include studies in life science, physical science, and earth and space science. A Biblical worldview is woven together throughout the lessons.


Third grade Bible includes studies in the life of Christ, the early church, and missions from the time of Paul until now. Weekly memory verses are required and students learn how to apply the principles of Scripture to their own lives.