4TH GRADE Classroom


The fourth grade reading program is designed to develop reading comprehension, improve the flow and expression of oral reading, develop an appreciation for a variety of good literature, and increase speaking and listening vocabulary. These skills are developed through the reading of chapter books and readers, the writing of three book reports, the presentation of an oral book report, and through participation in the Scholastic Reading Counts Program. The Book It! program provides an incentive to read books outside of class. Students are expected to spend at least 300 minutes per month reading on their own.


Language provides the students with opportunities to develop skills in the use of grammar, composition, and word usage. Activities include review of the parts of speech, research of special topics, writing reports and letters, and diagramming simple and compound sentences. In spelling, students learn to spell new words and to use them correctly in spoken and written communication. Phonics rules are reviewed and new vocabulary words are introduced in each list. Students write their spelling words in cursive.


The purpose of the fourth grade math program is to build upon prior learning by providing the students with the time and opportunities necessary to develop a solid foundation in math. Content covered includes addition, subtraction, comparisons, metrics, fractions, multiplication, monetary values, division, word problems, simple algebraic equations, and geometric figures. Evaluation of student progress is measured by speed drills, quizzes, tests, and homework assignments.


History provides students the opportunity to explore in depth the state of Indiana. Topics include Indiana's Land and People, Early Indiana, Creating a State, The Growth of Indiana, and Indiana in Modern Times. Students also select a point of interest in Indiana to investigate and complete a research project titled "Wander Indiana." The study of Indiana concludes with each student researching a famous Hoosier to portray in the Indiana Historical Wax Museum.


The science program is designed to give the students opportunities to develop investigative skills through observation, fieldwork, and lab work. They learn about insects, plants, weather, energy, geology, oceanography, and astronomy. Students also learn about and practice the scientific method during our annual science fair. Additionally, the last nine weeks is devoted to our health and the human body.


The 4th grade Bible curriculum is new this year and is from ASCI. This Bible series focuses on the foundational teachings from the Bible about the nature and character of God, the qualities of His people, and His church. Students are given an overview of the Bible, with an emphasis on God's attributes, biblical characters, the early Church, and what it means to know Jesus Christ and live for Him.