The GCA Annual fund was created to establish a more sustainable fundraising model for GCA.  As a staff and board, we feel it's time to create a culture of giving that does not rely on sales and events, but on individuals dedicated to Christian education and the mission of GCA.  Donations to the Annual Fund will be applied directly to the general fund in order to upgrade our technology, enhance our students learning experience through innovative curriculum and teaching methods, fund teacher training, improve our grounds and buildings, and increase teacher salaries.  

We, like you, know that students empowered with the love and truth of Christ is what our world needs. God has charged all of us with the task of preparing them to be the Christian leaders of tomorrow.
We need your help in this work. Tuition dollars only cover 80% of what we need to run GCA on a day to day basis. In order to add programs, curriculum, and train our staff we must fundraise. We need you to participate in the Annual Fund.

Please consider becoming a part of the circle of families dedicated to supporting Christian education. 



 $417 gift over 12 months. 



$84 gift monthly over 12 months.



$42 gift monthly over 12 months.



$21 gift monthly over 12 months.

You can give three ways.

  • Donate a one time lump sum using the button above.
  • Click the Set Up A Monthly Donation button above,  print off an ACH form, fill it out, and send it in with a voided check. 
  • Set up your own automated donation through your online bank account. 

Circle of Giving 


The Reed Family 

The Potter Family 


Marilyn Hall-Lambert

The Graves Family

The McCabe Family

The Murrell Family

The Doyle Family


The Rink Family 

The Peters Family 

Chris and Teresa Hogue

The Honaker Family

The Dillard Family 

The Torp Family

The Fleming Family

The Hodson Family

The Brickler Family

The Apgar Family

The Hoffee Family 



The Weems Family

The Adams Family

The Westlake Family

Dr. Charles and Vicki Lake

The Randall Family

The Kresge Family

The Weeks Family

The Holsapple Family

The Emmons Family 

The Odgers Family

The Alley Family (Grandparents of Berkemeier)

The Murphy Family 



The Houston Family

The Branch Family

The Stephenson Family

Nathan Barrow

The Walters Family

Charissa Maust

The Konecky Family

The Theaker Family

The Schellin Family 

Dr. Pingnan Shi

The VonDielingen Family