Board of Directors

Our Purpose

The GCA Board of Directors constitutes the authority for the Greenwood Christian Academy School Corporation’s school policy, programs, and academic development. The policies it establishes, the personnel it employs, and the manner in which it functions affects the daily life of the faculty, staff, and students.

Responsibility ultimately rests upon the Board of Directors for policy directing the growth and quality of GCA programs; conversely, the growth and quality of GCA programs are a direct reflection of the Board of Directors’ decisions.

Membership on the Board of Directors is as prescribed in the By-laws of GCA. Acceptance of the appointment implies the willingness to sacrificially donate the time and effort necessary to the operation of a private Christian institution of academic excellence. Specific duties of the Board of Directors are outlined in GCA’s By-laws. Areas of responsibility for which the Board is accountable are listed below.


The members of the Board are given the responsibility for the establishment, guidance, and spiritual leadership in the operation of the school. The Board is the policy setting body of GCA, with the Administrator having the responsibility for the implementation of the Board’s policies.


Jared Adams

George Apgar

Natalie Jackson

Amy McCabe 

Joe McDaniel

Russ VanTil

Ryan Smith


  • Serve as spiritual leaders for the school, waiting upon God for His direction.

  • Exercise oversight of the entire school.

  • Establish sound policies for operation of a good school.

  • Employ competent personnel who will be held accountable to implement the policies of the school.

  • Provide necessary buildings, equipment, and supplies.

  • Establish the annual budget and the method of financing the work.

  • Assist in interpreting the school to the Christian and the local community.

  • Do advance planning for the school’s growth.

  • Direct the administration to maintain a good-working relationship with local Christian schools and churches, with local public schools, with the State Department of Education, with ACSI, and with Indiana Non-Public Education Association (INPEA).

  • Act as final authority on problems arising within the school.

  • Maintain proper and open lines of communication among the school family without violating Matthew 18.

Terms of BOARD members

Board terms are three years. Terms begin on July 1 and expire Jun 30 of the following year. Board members may be elected to succeed him or herself by unanimous consent of all other board members. A board member may only serve two consecutive terms.

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