As Christian students studying a second language, we have a unique opportunity to spread God’s love and practice our language skills at the same time. In partnership with Touch of Fire Ministries we travel to the mission fields of Costa Rica. For one week in July we are based in Uvita, which is located on the Pacific coast, south of San Jose. We do various activities in towns / communities in and around Uvita; such as neighborhood evangelism, host chapel services for local schools, hang out with local teenagers at youth centers, and some type of work project. We find that while we are there God always presents us with other opportunities to serve and be a witness.

Who is eligible to attend?
Any GCA student who has successfully completed Spanish 2 or above by the end of the current school year, or have obtained school administration approval, is eligible to attend. You will receive an invitation to attend an informational meeting shortly after school starts in the fall.

How much does it cost?
The current price of the trip is approximatley $2000.  Price will be finalized by the informational meeting in September. There are several fundraisers planned to help in raising the money.  A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due near the date of the informational meeting.

Passport / Medical Travel Release
A Passport is required to travel and must be in your possession by February 1 of the year taking the trip to allow for booking of the entire mission team’s plane tickets at one time as well as getting the best airfare.

As we are traveling to another country and then back to the US, you will be required to complete a medical history form which includes showing proof of being current with immunizations (these include Typhoid and Hep A& B).

Mission Team
Once the mission team is formed there is a monthly meeting which will include the students attending, adults attending and at least one parent of each student attending.  This meeting will serve as a point to ask questions, plan the trip activities (including the free day / fun activity) and a bible study to prepare the hearts of those going on the trip for the work they will be doing in the mission field.

Service Hours
Students on the trip will receive service hours for the monthly team meetings as well as actual hours of service while on the trip.  The hours will be tracked and given to the appropriate person at GCA for recording.