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Feed the need

UPDATES, totals, videos, and pictures from feed The need will be posted in the next week. PLEASE check back as we wrap things up. 

Thank you all for supporting GCA. 



We all benefit

Harlan Benefits

Did you know that Harlan Kentucky, in the heart of Appalachia, is one of the poorest counties in the United States. The median income for a household is $17,270.


About 23.8% of families and 32.4% of the population are below the poverty line, including 40.0% of those under age 18 and 20.6% of those age 65 or over.  More than 1 in 5 of Kentucky’s children lack consistent access to food.



Did you know that the tuition charged at GCA only covers about 80% of our operating costs? And many families at GCA struggle to meet the cost of tuition.  A portion of your donation to Feed The Need stays at Greenwood Christian Academy and directly benefits our students and staff.

Funds raised through Feed The Need will support scholarships for struggling families and students. Your donation will also support building improvements!


The refuge Benefits

Did you know that The Refuge opened in 2007 with the mission to provide a stable source of care for men, women, and children in Greenwood and the surrounding areas. The Refuge is a non-denominational, faith based community outreach center supported by organizations, businesses, churches and individuals from our own community.

Your donations will provide 1500 meals to The Refuge's food pantry this Thanksgiving. 

Greenwood Christian Academy would like to thank the following corporate sponsors for supporting educational opportunities in central Indiana and providing meals for struggling families.