Giving Tuesday November 29th

Giving Tuesday is the largest day of on line giving to nonprofits each year. It is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and often compared to more commercial events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

 #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season at a time when many families are focusing on their holidays and end-of-year giving. It is fueled by the desire to support the  work of nonprofits globally and locally and largly driven by social media. It encourages individuals and families to share the love and the mission of the organisation they support on social media platforms.

This year GCA is participating, for the first time, in #Giving Tuesday.

GCA exists to educate students but more importantly, provide an all encompassing Christian worldview as we educate. We want to train up children who become productive adults that live lives of faith in our community and globally. We want to train our children up so that they can be the salt and the light in this broken world.  We want to do this for any Christian family that comes to our door.

This is why we keep our tuition low.

We are $2000 below the other schools around us. Did you know many parents work two jobs so their child can attend GCA? This is why we offer multiple student discounts.

Did you know that School Choice only covers a portion of tuition. The remainder of the tuition bill must be paid by the family. Many families struggle to find that extra money each month and this is why we must fundraise. We want to help our families struggling with tuition payments.

We believe  a Christian education that empowers students with the love and truth of Christ is what our world needs. We know our children are the future leaders and world changers. They are  a light in the darkness. God has charged us with the task of preparing them to be the Christian leaders we need in the future. 

Please consider helping us in this charge. Consider donating this Christmas season to offset the cost of tuition for struggling families.   



Tuition DYKT facts

  • Did you know School Choice does not cover a student's full tuition?
  • Did you know even if everyone pays their full tuition on time it only covers 80% of operating cost? 80% of a teacher salary. 80% of curriculum cost.
  • Did you know that not everyone is in a financial position to pay their tuition on time?
  • Did you know this is not about money?

This is about mission. This is about our future as a Christian nation.  This is about providing training for any and all children to be our future Christian leaders.