GCA offers a program for students who desire an education in a Christian environment and who are capable of achieving in a program designed and dedicated to academic, spiritual, and social excellence.

As a Christian school, we are committed to the teaching of the Bible and are persuaded that there should be a direct relationship between what Christian students believe and how they behave. Very specific requirements for admission have been established for each student desiring to enroll. The most important of these requirements are summarized below.


Admission to GCA requires a caring Christian adult (parent or guardian) who is committed to his or her student’s success and willing to partner with us. As such, at least one adult in the student’s life must profess faith in Jesus Christ, regularly attend
church, hold to beliefs consistent with our Statement of Faith, and agree to support and partner with GCA by signing the Statement of Cooperation.

The following is a list of our admissions criteria for students and the method of
measuring each qualification.  Because we have high expectations:

  1. Academically, we require that our students have:
    • Minimum of a 2.0-grade point average GPA overall.
    • Composite achievement score at the 50th percentile and or a “pass” on the Indiana Assessments in language arts and math
    • Students who have an IEP or 504 plan will be evaluated to determine if we believe the services we offer will provide the support needed for the student to be successful at GCA.
  2. Spiritually, we expect our students to:
    • Have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ or in the younger grades, the desire to grow into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ
    • Relate to other students and staff in a manner consistent with scriptures. 
  3. Additionally, we think our students should:
    • Have a desire to be at GCA
    • Demonstrate a cooperative spirit: GCA is not intended to be a facility of rehabilitation where parents enroll their children to address emerging patterns of undesirable behavior. As such, students must exhibit a history of acceptable citizenship in previous school experiences
    • Take their educational responsibilities seriously.


Applications will be processed in the numeric order received. Promptness is important in returning your application material due to the possibility of a waiting list. All applications are reviewed without regard to gender, race, color, national, and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies,  athletics, and other school-administered programs. Please pray with us as your family seeks God’s will for the education of your children.


  1. Application must be completed by both student and parents.
    • Signed Re-enrollment Form/Pre-enrollment Form
    • New Family Application Form (New Student)
      • Religious Information
      • Testimony
      • Parent’s Statement of Cooperation
  2. New Student Enrollment Application (New Student)
    1. Student Expectations Agreement
  3. Christian Fellowship Questionnaire with Pastor’s signature
  4. A copy of the student’s birth certificate
  5. Signed record’s request form
  6. A copy of score results of standardized tests taken within last two years.
  7. Home Language Survey
  8. Registration fee of $200.00 ($150 for K4 and ½ day K5). This fee is non-refundable.
  9. Teacher referral


Students may be tested to ensure their readiness for the academics at GCA. Generally this testing will be in the areas of math and language arts.


The administrative office will schedule an interview with parents and student who have completed an approved application to GCA. This interview must take place before admission to the school is granted. The purpose of the interview is to answer questions and familiarize the student(s) and parents with our school and to make a final determination relative to enrollment.


Due to limited enrollment opportunities, numerous applicants and very specific
enrollment criteria, we are not able to enroll all students. Therefore, parents/students
should not presume that enrollment is automatic. Parents/guardians will receive written notification as soon as possible of any student’s acceptance/rejection.