Greenwood Christian Academy welcomes international students at the high school level. We accept diploma-seeking students (F-1).

International Boarding Philosophy

  • We believe that international students living with American families will create a much better educational environment and provide more social and emotional support for the student than a boarding dorm.

  • Host families are carefully chosen by Greenwood Christian Academy after a background and reference check along with personal interviews.

  • Orientation and ongoing support is provided for both host families and international students.


As a reflection of the Kingdom of God and extension of Greenwood Christian Academy’s pursuit in academic and spiritual excellence the International Student Program exists as an addition of the school’s vision to be a Christ–centered learning community intent on restoring God’s world.


The International Student Program seeks to enhance the educational experience of all students by broadening and developing a growing understanding of culture and diversity; develop an appreciation for the breadth of God’s created world; and to provide opportunities for all students to be prepared to impact a rapidly changing world for Christ.


Obedience to homestay program, homestay family, and GCA rules and respectful compliance to the direction of GCA faculty and staff is expected at all times from GCA students. As much as possible, consequences for any misbehavior will be naturally related to the offense. Consequences are meant to be formative - and not punitive - in nature. The GCA administration retains at its sole discretion the prerogative to assign specific consequences up to and including suspension/expulsion for school and/or homestay related offenses. However, in cases warranting expulsion, the administration may, again at its own prerogative, choose to allow a student to withdraw in lieu of expulsion if circumstances warrant. The administration also has the prerogative to allow the student to finish the quarter, should circumstances warrant. 


  • GCA is accredited by the state of Indiana.

  • GCA also belongs to the IHSAA.

Graduation Requirements

  • GCA works with each international student to build a personalized graduation plan according to previous academic background and preparation.

  • GCA requires 40 semester credit hours to graduate and will work with previous classes that might transfer over into a required field.

  • The courses offered by GCA are college preparatory classes that would challenge each student within their subject matter.


  • Greenwood Christian Academy has attracted an excellent faculty from around the country. The staff offers an excellent educational and spiritual foundation for our students. They offer extra help as students adapt to the new culture around them.

  • The staff at GCA are licensed teachers within the state of Indiana and have had extensive backgrounds checks.

University and College Counseling

  • GCA offers an comprehensive college counseling program to insure that all GCA graduates find the perfect fit for their university experience.

  • 100% of our 4 year exchange students have graduated and have been accepted into a four year college. They have passed state required testing, and have greatly enjoyed their experience at GCA.

  • 100% of our present students graduate and 97% attend a 4 year university and 3% attending a 2 year program or joining the US Military. Our students are well equipped to handle the rigorous standards of college.

Tuition and Fees: 

  • Tuition and Fees include: Tuition, lunches, room and board, enrollment and orientation fees, college counseling, college application assistance, English tutoring, and international processing services.

  • For More information regarding cost, please contact Casey Kresge by email at