Growing a Garden One Seed at at Time

This year at GCA, life is growing in more ways than one. A new addition to the school is the courtyard gardens, home to radishes, cabbage, and spinach galore. This program, which started as a small seed, has flourished into a bushel of knowledge for the students of GCA to take bites from, both metaphorically and literally, when they visit their greenery every week.

When the "Healthy Kids" grant was awarded to GCA, 4th grade teacher Mrs. Cross had the genius idea to “put it to use in both educating kids in valuable gardening skills,” as well as to “grow some yummy, natural veggies to eat.” She got the idea approved and immediately got to work.

Ever since, the 3rd and 4th grade classes have been checking on their plants frequently, providing plenty of nutrients and water to help them grow. Then, with rulers and journals in hand, they map the growth of the vegetables, and formulate scientific experiments based on this.

As the students continue to explore the fun of learning and experimentation, their plants will grow, until it’s time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

By Savannah Harris