GCA and the Heartland Film Festival

Whether you are a film-buff who loves discovering independent and international films, or simply someone who appreciates truly inspiring and moving films, 25th annual Heartland Film Festival is right up your alley. Indy's own homegrown movie festival, the Heartland Film Festival offers the most prize money of any American film festival and is considered an important event in the world of independent cinema.

Greenwood Christian Academy is partnering with Heartland Film Festival to offer film-lovers a chance to give back. Type in code "GCA16" when you purchase a ticket to a Heartland Film Festival movie, and you will not only save $3, but Greenwood Christian Academy will receive $2 of the ticket sale. 

The 25th annual Heartland Film Festival runs from October 20th-30th and showcases a large selection of films that inspire and highlight the power of the human spirit. Interested in viewing this year's film schedule? Click here for more details.