Cougars On the Rise

By Evan Lee    

Cougar basketball is on the rise. With an upcoming game on November 22nd, and with only one returning senior on the team, many would call this year the team's rebuilding year, but they have a different idea for the season.

The most important thing to Coach Jamie Satre is how he sets his goals for his players. “Our main goal is to win every game we play, to play like a team, and to unify as a team throughout the season.” Coach Satre talked about how he motivated his team with “Useful ways to motivate my team? They mostly motivate themselves. What I try to do is to encourage and challenge them to aim for higher goals.” One thing that Coach Satre is confident about is the team's defensive plays. “The strongest aspect of our team is our defensive. We have decent speed, and that will help us sculpt and solidify our defense.” But he also had something to say on the negatives of their team. “We need to always be working on playing for each other [...] and playing like a team.” 

But there is nothing more important to Coach Satre than his players’ personal lives. “I always try to push my players to be better athletes, better people, and most of all, better Christians. I have a good relationship with my team. I do things with them as a group,  so that we can create this family atmosphere, so that we can be the best team that we can be.” When asked about the absence of recently graduated student manager Coach Moreese, and the team's experience altogether, he chuckled, “We’ll never be the same without Coach Moreese, those are big shoes to fill. But we’ll be very young, especially with the one senior [Camden Peters] that we have. Experience will be a weakness, but we’ll overcome that with team bonding.” With little team experience and new goals to achieve, one thing is for certain: the Cougars are on the rise.

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