Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project

In a previous post, we described GCA Freshman Cameron Northern's charitable work for Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project. At a fall chapel service, Cameron shared her "100 for 100" campaign, a call to raise $100 per day for 100 days. The next day, students donated money for Nyaka, giving $1,340. Below is the text of a letter from Twesigye Jackson Kaguri, founder and executive director of Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project:

"Dear Bruce and Angelique,

A huge thank you to GCA for their generous support of the orphans in Uganda with Cameron's $100 for 100 days campaign! I met Cameron when I spoke at her church years ago. Even though she was young, her heart was touched. She has found new ways to give to Nyaka every year since. I am so inspired by Cameron's love and dedication to the children of Nyaka. I know you feel the same way.

I know Cameron will thank you personally but I want you to know how grateful I am for your donation. Your generosity reaches more lives every year. You are now tackling new challenges like protecting children from sexual assault. You opened the Nyaka Vocational Secondary School. And you are sending you second class of students to university. None of this is possible without you!

There is so much more to do! I hope you will continue to be our partner as we work to end poverty for your students and grandmothers. You are a vital member of the Nyaka family. 

Your students and grandmothers are so grateful for your love, care, and support. 

With gratitude,

Twesigye Jackson Kaguri

Founder and Executive Director

Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project


Thank you,

Cameron Northern

Super Fundraiser"