A Profile in Courage

Caleb is like many 1st graders at Greenwood Christian Academy: full of energy, an avid player of video games and soccer, and a lover of swimming. But Caleb's story is anything but typical. Diagnosed with a rare form of Stage 3 (possibly 4) kidney cancer, Caleb has undergone major surgery, and now chemotherapy, to fight a serious diagnosis. But witness Caleb in Mrs. Maze's classroom, or playing in Mr. Cash's gym class, or laughing with friends at lunch, and you'll soon realize that Caleb's courage is what sets him apart. 

Caleb's fighting spirit has already begun to inspire the GCA community. On Thursday, September 29th, each student and staff member sported a blue shirt and hat, a tribute to Caleb's bravery and a fundraising effort to help his family cover their daunting medical expenses. Interested in learning more about Caleb? Ready to join his fight? Check out Caleb's GoFundMe page and learn how you can make a difference.