Cougars Look Ahead to Homecoming

On Friday and Saturday night, the GCA basketball teams will face off against Central Christian for their annual Winter homecoming games. The competition is expected to be fierce, and both teams are preparing to face off in what is certainly the biggest sporting event of the season. 
Even with all of this preparation, the Cougars are starting with a dead foot, as star player, senior Camden Peters has broken his wrist. The injury occurred at a basketball game just two weeks ago. He is expected to make a full recovery in a month’s time, optimistically. He will sit out the Varsity Boys’ games this weekend. 

When asked what he thought of the chances of a cougar win, Peters responded by saying, “We’ve trained long and hard, and I believe that will pay off when the ball drops.” While cheerful about the team’s expected victory, he seemed sorrowful about his inability to play. “It’s disappointing that all of my training will be for nothing in the end, but I don’t regret it. It was still great to play on varsity during my senior year.” Peters’ optimism is something we can all aspire to. With only hours to go until the first match, GCA will certainly need it.

As is tradition, the entire school is invited to take part in cosmic bowling after the Friday night games. It will be at Southern Bowl from 10pm-12pm, same time and place as last year. The cost is $16.00 per bowler, including shoes and unlimited games for two hours. The invitation has been extended to not only current students, but GCA families and alumni as well. The lanes are always packed, and a fun time is had by all no matter what. So no matter what grade you are, or your interest in sports, come and out and have a fun time with your friends and family!
New to this year’s festivities is the much anticipated, Glow Party. The party, organized by the parents of 8th grade students, is intended for enjoyment by High School students. There will be dancing, food, door prizes, and pictures. It will be on Saturday, January 28th, at 8 pm. Tickets will be sold at lunch on Thursdays for $10. They will be $15 at the door, so you would be smart to snatch them up at a discount.

Students are advised to wear their best neon attire, as most of the party will be in the auditorium with no lights on, hence the use of the glow sticks and other neon equipment. 

By Isaac Farley