Growing a Garden One Seed at at Time

This year at GCA, life is growing in more ways than one. A new addition to the school is the courtyard gardens, home to radishes, cabbage, and spinach galore. This program, which started as a small seed, has flourished into a bushel of knowledge for the students of GCA to take bites from, both metaphorically and literally, when they visit their greenery every week.

Students Celebrate Annual Field Day

On Wednesday, May 25th, GCA’s Elementary school students gathered outside after lunch for an afternoon of fun team-building games and activities. GCA’s annual Field Day features several different activity stations, including Twister, Tug-O-War, an obstacle course, and Clothes Pin Tag, each manned by recently-graduated senior students. The annual event gives older students a chance to mentor younger students, all while building unity, school spirit and friendship.