K4 ClassRoom


The phonics component of the K4 curriculum teaches children to recognize the names and the short and long sounds of vowels. Students also learn the names and sounds of consonants and write both vowels and consonants. Students begin to sound out basic words such as cat and run.


Students continue to grow in language development and listening skills as they gain understanding. Students are taught to describe objects using adjectives to make for a vivid picture in one’s head. They learn to ask questions and give answers that would help categorize a mystery item by group and function and by using their five senses.


Students recognize numbers 1 through 20 and count to 100. They understand number concepts for numbers 1 through 20. Students also learn addition facts of plus 1 and subtraction facts of minus 1. They begin simple addition up to 10.


Students learn about transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, and manners through short stories and discussion. Students also learn about animals, seasons, and weather through observation.


Students develop writing readiness skills and eye hand coordination through activities such as tracing lines and shapes. Students will learn to write their names, letters, and numbers.


Students learn basic Bible stories such as the Creation, Joseph, Moses, etc…Students learn how to apply the principles from these stories to their daily lives. Students also learn character traits such as honesty, respect, and attentiveness through life application stories.