Staff Wish List

We all know teachers spend a lot of their own money on resources, crafts, school supplies, and cool things for their students and classrooms. This year we are offering YOU the chance to help out your favorite teachers by giving them something they have always wanted for their classroom.

Below you will find a list of staff members and links to items on Amazon that they would like to have for their students to use. You can purchase these items right off the website, but remember if you purchase through Amazon Smile and set GCA as your charity, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase back to the school. 

A few instructions as you purchase. 

  • You may need to set up a free AmazonSmile account if you don't have one yet. Don't worry. It is simple and uses the same information already contained on your Amazon account. 
  • On your first visit to AmazonSmile (, you are prompted to select a charitable organization from their list of eligible organizations.  Choose Greenwood Christian Academy.
  • Please send an email with a copy of the receipt attached, to the teacher or Cheryl Knauss. This will allow us to keep track of purchases and get you a non-cash donation receipt for your taxes.
  • If you would like your donation to be kept anonymous please note it in your email to Mrs. Knauss.

Thank you for all you do for us and for the love, prayers, and support you give to our teachers. We could not do this work without you. 


Maegan Carlsgaard-1st grade

Ms. Carlgaard is a brand new 1st grade teacher at GCA this year. She is fantastic with her students and we feel blessed to have her. She would love the following items to outfit her new room.

Teachers Pay Teachers gift card

Scholastic Book Club gift card

Ms.  Carlsgard's Wish list

Chris Cross- 4th Grade

Mrs. Cross is one of our fabulous 4th grade teachers. Her room is always busy as the students spend a year focusing on Indiana history, fractions, and long division. This year she would like Amazon gift cards so that she can purchase classroom resource materials for her students. 

Gift Cards

Gretchen Dillard-5th grade

Mrs. Dillard is an amazing 5th grade math and science teacher. She focuses on STEM education with her students. She would love to have gift cards to Teachers Pay Teachers so she can get some innovative curriculum and lessons for her students. 

Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards

Bill hardwick-it/DRama/soft Ball coach

Mr. Hardwick is an essential member of our staff. He teaches drama, coaches softball, and runs IT for the entire school. He would love to have the following items for his students and players. 

Extra Magnetic Tabs - Pkg of 15

Rawlings Youth All-Purpose Batting Tee

3 Softball Hair Accessories, Girls Softball Hair Ties, Perfect Softball Player and Softball Teams

Franklin Sports MLB Professional Spike-Down Pitcher's Rubber, 24"

Franklin Sports MLB High Visibility Pitchers Training Plate, 17-Inch

Cheryl huizinga- Spanish

Mrs. Huizinga is a dedicated and fun teacher at GCA. teaches  In Spanish class, she often uses hands-on activities, videos, and games to help the students learn. 

$159 subscription to Rockalingua

$35 to sign up under the Quizlet Teacher subscription

Amazon Gift Cards


Charissa Maust- 6th grade

Ms. Maust is one of the awesome 6th grade teachers. She teaches literature, language and history. She would love maps and globes to use in her lessons to help the students understand geographical relationships more clearly. 

Amazon Gift Cards $25


Ron Kramer

Mr. Kramer is our new HS science teacher.. He has a passion for STEM and engineering. He would love the following equipment to use with his students this year. 

RC Drone

RC Boat

RC Vehicle

4 Digital Voltmeters

Wall Clock


Carlye Overmyer-2nd grade

Mrs. Overmyer is a new teacher to GCA and she is a fantastic addition. Her love and passion for her students is evident in how she runs her classroom. She would love to have the following items to finish out her room.

Gift card- Teachers pay Teachers

Gift card- Amazon

Gift card- United Arts and Education

Activity table- Norwood half moon

Large carpet that would hold 20+ students (rectangular, colorful, elementary in print

White/color cardstock

Math manipulatives (student mini clocks- plastic- 10+), more unifix cubes

Brainpop Jr subscription

Reading A to Z subscription

bryan pennycuff- Facilities manager

Mr. Pennycuff works hard to keep our grounds and building in working order. He is responsible for repairs, snow removal, grounds maintenance, and much more. He needs a utility vehicle to help haul dirt, mulch, and equipment around our campus. He would also like a new security camera for our grounds. 

2 Sets- RIDGID TOOL COMPANY GIDDS2-3554587 18V Drill And Impact Driver Kit

Craftsman 254 PC Mechanics Tool Set with 75 Tooth Ratchet

Hisun Sector 250 UTV

Christine Plowman-KINDERGARTEN

Mrs. Plowman is one of our amazing kindergarten teachers. She works to create a classroom environment that engages students academically and socially. She would love to have the following items for her students. 

 Teacher's Easel

Stamps - Upper and Lower case letters



2 White Cubby Shelf


Dr. Pingnan Shi- Math and Logics

Dr. Shi is a brilliant and innovative teacher who uses his past experience an engineer to teach algebra, calculus, robotics, and logics to our students. In his logics class he often uses chess to help students think strategically. 

$500 to build two 3D printers for next semester's 3D printing class


Cindy Smith-English

Mrs. Smith is a beloved GCA teacher who teaches language and composition to our high school students. She would like a three hole punch which would be used by students to hole punch binder items.

 3-hole punch

crest 100x100.fw.png

Dawn Stout- School Guidance COUNSELOR

Ms. Stout is the GCA Guidance Counselor. She works with our students on scheduling, graduation requirements, and provides support for issues students have at school She would love the following items for her office. 

4 Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack, 5 Slot Hanging Document Filing System, Black 

Jen Teike- School Nurse

Mrs. Teike is our nurse and sees to the day to day care of our children. She would appreciate gift cards to use to stock up on hand-sanitizer, tissues, band-aids, and other items. 

Six pack of AED trainers

AED English Trainer with metronome

Julie Walters- Science

Mrs. Walters is a beloved teacher who teaches science, chemistry, and physics at GCA. She uses fun projects to help her students understand the basic principles of aerodynamics and Newtons laws. Students in her classes build kites and Rube Goldberg devices. 

2 each Red Granite Igneous

2 each Slate Metamorphic

2 each Hornblende Igneous

2 each Basalt Igneous

2 each Gneiss Metamorphic

joellen weems-KINDERGARTEN

Mrs. Weems is one of our amazing kindergarten teachers. She creates a classroom environment focused on reading readiness and foundational math skills that prepare our students for first grade. She would love to have the following items. 

Set of six jumbo magnifying glasses

Learning Palettes math base kit

12 Scarves for movement and play activities- 2 sets

Set of 6 spot markers