High School Student Council


Who:  Elected Representatives in Grades 9-12

When: TBD

Where: RM 119

Contact: Russ Hughes @ rhughes@gcak12.org


The GCA Student Council exists to help students spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically, and to build relationships between the GCA staff and students.

The Student Council does as governments are supposed to do:  protect the rights of its people.  Because the Student Council is not actually the power authority at GCA, it has been interpreted, as helping to protect and encourage the rights of students to have a school environment where spiritual, emotional, academic and physical growth can thrive.

Each fall, representatives from each class are elected. They are chosen by their grade level classmates and meet at various times throughout the year, usually at least once a month, to address needs of the student body.  Depending on the year, the duties vary in focus.

The Student Council is student-run, student-driven and student-focused.  The Student Council is always listening for the needs of the students and welcome any and all ideas for change and growth!  The key to this group each year is adaptation; we look at the needs of the student body for that school year and do whatever is needed to help improve the life at GCA.