Cougar baseball and softball training for start of season.
Cougar golf team preps for first match.

Spring Break Staycations


Are you stuck in Indiana for Spring Break? Are you tired of your parents always suggesting you go to the mall or the movies? Do you just need to get away from everyday life? Well if that’s you, here are some different suggestions for your staycation this year: Brown County has a variety of activities […]

6th Grade Catches Pacer Fever

Pacers 4

Dubbed “A Night on the Town,” last year’s 6th grade field trip to an Indianapolis Indians game proved an overwhelming success with students and parents alike. But would this year’s trip to the Circle Center Mall and the Pacers game be a similar success? The idea for an annual field trip began last year with […]

GCA’s Declassified School Survival Guide: Inspiration For Surviving a Tough Class


1.Don’t sit with people who distract you. Your friends will understand. 2. Keep your mind in the present. If you find your mind wandering towards a game or how cute Jimmy Such-and-such is, put it back on track. You may need totally retrain your brain. 3. Talk to your teacher. Believe it or not they […]

Cougars Stand Strong Despite Season’s End


Click below to read a great write-up of the Cougar Boys Basketball run in the sectional tournament:

Teamwork Makes Winterfest a Success

Cougar Basket

Winterfest this year was a blast and consisted of a wide variety of sales. With large practical pieces such as a sectional couch, water softeners, and auto car starts, GCA made a lot of money just by selling items people would need for everyday life. The baskets this year were fantastic with the top-selling being […]

Cougars Scratch Out a Sectional Victory


Despite a lackluster defensive effort, the Cougars Mens Basketball team secured a sectional victory against Baptist Academy Wednesday night. Though the snowy conditions kept many away from the game at Edinburgh High School, the Cougars played with a sense of pride to earn a 58-47 victory. Yet a lack of urgency created a game that shouldn’t […]

Dating Days: Reflections on the Dating Life of Now Married GCA Staff


Mr. Jackson: Senior year of high school, there was this girl that I REALLY liked.  She loved a song that she had sung in the school music program about love changing your life.  I hired someone with better handwriting than me to write up the lyrics to the song on pretty paper and framed it.  […]

The 8th Annual Winterfest is in Town


The 8th annual Winterfest Carnival and Auction is in town. Greenwood Christian Academy’s biggest fundraiser, Winterfest features a myriad of items up for auction (silent and live). Beginning at 5:30 pm, Jonathan Byrd’s Cafeteria is donating a fried chicken dinner to all guests. Classrooms throughout the school will be converted into game rooms for kids complete with staff […]

Catastrophic Collisions: A Humorous Glimpse Inside the Driving Skills of GCA’s Teachers

Driving a car is one of the most dangerous parts of life. Accidents happen by the second, with some having horrible repercussions. Thankfully, not all accidents end in tragedy. Some accidents end up leaving a great story behind. Here are the greatest accident stories in GCA history, in their own words: Mr. Barrow- I was […]

ISSMA Rocks!


Every year an estimated 200,000 students from around the state participate in the various events sponsored by ISSMA, the Indiana State School Music Association. One of these events is Solo and Ensemble, a contest for both soloists and groups from different schools to compete in. Unlike most musical competitions, Solo and Ensemble does not require […]

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