Girls Bowling advances to Regionals after Sectionals victory.
Varsity girls basketball take 3rd place in Allie Jean Hale Tournament.
Varsity girls basketball defeats University 53-41.
Varsity boys lose to Eminence 64-55.

Finding Faith in Community

MS Chapel 2

In schools across the globe, time is marked by the bell. Class periods, lunch periods, passing periods…all begin and end with the sounding alarm. But here at GCA, Thursdays are marked by a different event: chapel. For 45 minutes each week, the textbooks are set aside, the stress of quizzes and homework is left behind, and […]

Playing Up to the Competition


The athletic program at Greenwood Christian Academy has never taken the easy road. With only a limited number of nearby schools that boast similar student numbers and athletic skill, GCA’s athletic teams have been asked to play up to the competition. This means that GCA, a 1A division program, plays 2A, 3A and even 4A programs. […]

Students and Staff Brave Chill


The sound of sputtering car engines and squeaking ice scrapers filled the early morning as folks ventured back to school. With the end of Christmas break and the beginning of 2nd semester, students and staff at Greenwood Christian Academy are braving frigid temperatures. Facility Manager Brian Pennycuff has been seen endlessly plowing and salting the parking lot, and […]

Sir Readalot Rides into Town

Sir Readalot rides into town!

Lower the drawbridge, blow the herald trumpets and let the banners fly! Sir Readalot is riding into town! Sir Readalot is the 2014 representative for the Scholastic Book Fair, an event hosted at 127,000 locations annually. The book fair gives students at Greenwood Christian Academy (and across the world) access to thousands of books. But even […]

Lady Cougars off to a Roaring Start

The Lady Cougars are starting strong.

The Lady Cougars basketball team has started the year well, with a 4-1 record.  They defeated Arlington in their first game by a score of 48-19, and knocked off conference foe Liberty Christian 44-41, before being felled by Columbus Christian by a score of 53-42. Recently, they toppled Eminence with a staggering 65-15 victory. Coach […]

‘Tis the Season: Madrigal Celebrates 6 Years

The 6th annual madrigal production at Greenwood Christian Academy,

The rich scent of wassail accented the richly decorated tables and twinkling lights inside the auditorium for Greenwood Christian Academy’s annual madrigal production. Though a few were stricken by illness, the cast of madrigals, each clothed in Medieval period clothing, pulled together  a festive 2-hour production filled with enchanting music, a humorous story and of course, much […]

Don’t Stop Flashmob?


After an awesome Friday and Saturday performance, the cast of Don’t Stop Believin’ decided to give the guests of Culvers a special treat! Click on the Ice Cream for the Video.

Foosball Frenzy!

In it's 2nd year, the foosball team is growing in popularity.

With the season quickly approaching, foosball club training is in full rotation. Each Thursday, hidden away inside the janitorial closet on the 2nd floor, team members Noah Jurgensen, Bryce Walters, Destin Schreiner, Adam Stephenson, Nate Weems and Jake Wood meet together to sharpen their foosball skills. Although spacious enough to hold a full-size foosball court, the limited closet […]

Hola! Spanish Club is Here

Spanish Club hopes to draw bigger numbers than in previous years.

Earlier this year, Ms. Ortiz, brought up the idea of starting a Spanish Club to her Spanish 4 class, who agreed that this was a good idea. They immediately started brainstorming to come up with some ideas for how to make it different and better than it was in the past.  After a month or […]

Serving Up Strikes: Bowling Begins a New Season

The GCA bowilng team had a strong start to the season.

The packed crowd was buzzing inside Southern Bowl as the regional bowling teams prepared to kick-off the 2014-2015 bowling season. Theater director Bill Hardwick described the scene: “I thought I would waltz in a few minutes before game time, but the parking lot was jammed. Inside Southern Bowl it was pandemonium. I couldn’t believe it.” […]

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