In order to become life-long learners, GCA students are encouraged to take advantage of educational opportunities not only in the classroom, but also beyond the borders of our school building by applying classroom knowledge to real life situations.  In addition to local opportunities in the Greenwood and Indianapolis areas, students at GCA have two key opportunities to expand and apply their learning  beyond the walls of our school, beyond the borders of Indiana and beyond the borders of the United States.


Students learn about leadership and team building in this outdoor education program.

6th Grade Creation Museum

Students take a field trip to the creation museum to see artifacts and look at biblical history.

9th Grade Ski Trip

Students study the basics of physics and  energy on the slopes.

8th Grade Washington, DC

Students are given the opportunity to travel to Washington DC to visit, learn and experience our nations capital.

 Costa Rica Mission Trip 

Students who have completed Spanish 2  and above have the opportunity each year to travel to Uvita, Costa Rica to use their language skills to spread the Word of God.