WHY Choose

Greenwood Christian Academy?

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“The education of children for God is the most important business on earth.” —R.L. Dabney

Education is one the great battles being waged in the 21st century.  It is a battle because those who control the flow of education today shape the minds, hearts, and leadership of the next generation. The crisis in education is being felt in all areas of our culture; from politics, to business, to family, and science. The problem is not from a lack of vision, but a lack of “fixed” vision. We teach that there are no absolutes, and wonder why our children struggle to find meaning in life. We train students to believe there is no absolute morality and are shocked at the lack of integrity in the world. We mentor our students to be skeptical about everything and wonder why they don’t trust anyone…

Greenwood Christian Academy (GCA) believes there is a different path in education. We believe that true education begins and ends with the exaltation of Christ as king over all life.


We believe the Word of God is our final authority over all life, giving us the direction to engage and change the world. We believe that relationships, morality, and community are the foundation for a vibrant learning community. We believe that God has created human beings as “image bearers,” and therefore the need to train the whole person; mind, heart and life. We believe that education should not be transactional, but transformational. We believe that knowledge demands a response and should lead to wisdom versus learning information solely for taking tests and then forgetting it. We believe that every student has a calling in life that brings purpose and meaning. Finally, we believe that education focused on these things will result in academic excellence, healthy relationships, and human flourishing.

GCA is fully accredited by the State of Indiana. Our program encourages students to a life of engaged learning, leadership and service. We continue to hire, train, and retain a highly qualified faculty, committed to encouraging and mentoring student growth. Our desire to present a “living curriculum” prepares students for a successful transition into university, ministry, the military, or world of work. Our goal is to inspire young men and women to reach their highest potential as students, servants, and leaders.