Elementary Student Council

Sponsor: Rachel odgers

Who: Grades 2-4

When: First Monday of every Month 

Location: Mrs Odger's Room 3:15-4:15

Contact: Mrs. Odgers @ rodgers@gcak12.org

Elementary student council is a great first opportunity for children to engage in public service. Students interested in student council will participate in an election and will be able to "campaign"  in the fall. Class representatives are chosen by their peers. 

Student council representatives will work through out the year to plan and enact fundraisers, social events and outreach projects. In the past the student council has run canned food drives, bible drives, and a pet show to raise money for local missions and underprivileged children. 

Fellowship Of Christian Athletes

Sponsor: Dena Peters

Who: Grades 9-10

Location: Cougar Den

Time: TBD

Contact: TBD


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a certified ministry  led by student-athletes, sponsored by coaches and parents, supported by staff, and meets on a regular basis.

The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. 


Sponsor: Mrs. CRoss

Who:  Grades 2nd-5th

When: 3:13 every Tuesday

Where: RM 212

Cost: $10

Contact: Chris Cross @ ccross@gcak12.org 

Students will play games that develop their computation, logic and strategic thinking skills. They will have the opportunity to participate in either Math Bowl or Mathematics Pentathlon ®.  

These programs offer interactive problem-solving games, supportive curricular and instructional activities, and assessment tools for students in grades K-7. They strengthen basic math concepts and skills, align with National and State Mathematics Standards, and stimulates creative thinking while developing problem-solving skills. A focus on conceptual understanding and the integration of spatial, computational and logical reasoning are key attributes of these programs. By using specially designed games and activities that differentiate instruction, ALL students of varying abilities and learning styles are motivated to enjoy math and spend more time learning this subject matter. These factors are critical in improving students’ performance in math. These exciting, engaging, and effective programs can be implemented in multiple ways: Classroom Instruction, Math Clubs, National Academic Tournaments, Enrichment, and Home Use.


High School Student Council


Who:  Elected Representatives in Grades 9-12

When: TBD

Where: RM 119

Contact: Russ Hughes @ rhughes@gcak12.org


The GCA Student Council exists to help students spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically, and to build relationships between the GCA staff and students.

The Student Council does as governments are supposed to do:  protect the rights of its people.  Because the Student Council is not actually the power authority at GCA, it has been interpreted, as helping to protect and encourage the rights of students to have a school environment where spiritual, emotional, academic and physical growth can thrive.

Each fall, representatives from each class are elected. They are chosen by their grade level classmates and meet at various times throughout the year, usually at least once a month, to address needs of the student body.  Depending on the year, the duties vary in focus.

The Student Council is student-run, student-driven and student-focused.  The Student Council is always listening for the needs of the students and welcome any and all ideas for change and growth!  The key to this group each year is adaptation; we look at the needs of the student body for that school year and do whatever is needed to help improve the life at GCA.

Spanish Club

SPONSOR: Yasmin Ortiz

Who:  Any student in grades 9th-12th

When: 3:15 on the 1st Thursday of each month 

Where: RM 214

Contact: Yasmin Ortiz @ yortiz@gcak12.org


Any high school student is welcome to join the Spanish Club at GCA. The club meets once a month after school in room 214. We explore the language and culture of Spanish-speaking nations. We do activities though out the year that include a Tomatina water balloon fight, soccer games, cooking classes, celebration and gift exchange for Navidad/Dia de 3 Reyes, a Cinco de mayo fiesta, and more.