Family Financial Assistance (grades K-12)

Families may be eligible for tuition assistance by application for:

  • Indiana School Choice Scholarships
  • Indiana SGO Scholarships

Additional need-based assistance from GCA may be received based on
recommendations by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment (may be limited by available

Christian Ministry Scholarships (grades K-12)

Students of full-time Christian pastors and missionaries may receive tuition
assistance through:

  • Eligibility for Indiana School Choice Scholarships by application
  • Eligibility for Indiana SGO Scholarships by application

Additional assistance may be received from GCA for up to 25% of tuition, depending
on amount of State-funded sources available.

Christian Education Commitment Scholarships (grades K-12)

Families otherwise not eligible for tuition assistance may apply for Christian
Education Commitment Scholarships for enrolling multiple students in GCA. For each
additional child that attends GCA, you are eligible for the following amounts:

  • 2nd student $600.00
  • 3rd student $750.00
  • 4th + students $900.00 each

If you would like to apply for a scholarship or financial aid, we encourage you to fill
out our interactive questionnaire at so we can begin assessing eligibility and set up a one-on-one follow up if needed. 

For immediate information on SGO and School Choice Vouchers, please utilize the following links.