Proverbs (2016-2017)

Required Course: Full Year

Required Grade Levels: 9/10/11

The specific area of Biblical study is on a three year rotation. This ensures all students will experience the differentiated yearly Bible curriculum. Classes are composed of students primarily from grades nine to eleven. While the students will come in with varying levels of experience with Bible study and Church experience, all students will be guided in extending their understanding of God himself as well as creating habits of studying his word. Students will be doing weekly memory verses as a means to be introduced to small portions of the Bible and then to carry those verses with them going forward. Additionally, there will be weekly homework where the students will be asked to look up and read scripture, draw conclusions, and answer specific questions as to the context of the original writing as a means to growing an authentic understanding of the intended message of scripture. The content will be summarized in weekly quizzes as students will demonstrate their growth and mastery of the covered material. There will be at least one test each nine weeks recapping what has been covered to that point. Also, each week attention will be paid to individual spiritual development. Spiritual disciples will be practiced and explained. An emphasis will be made in applying and using what is learned about God and his word.

Bible Literature 12

Required Course: Full Year

Required Grade Level: 12

Bible 12 is based on the premise that most members of the senior classes at GCA have a general understanding of spiritual truth but have not established consistent spiritual disciplines and do not know how to and/or do not regularly study Scripture and apply its truth to their own lives.  They are believers who need to be trained as disciples so that they can share the gospel and defend their faith against other worldviews.  Regardless of their initial level of spirituality, the ultimate goal is that each student leaves GCA at the end of their senior year with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and is committed to a path of spiritual discipline leading to continued growth.


  • To lead the seniors through a systematic method of discipleship training so that they grow in their knowledge and in their faith by establishing the consistent spiritual disciplines of daily reading of Scripture, meditation, prayer, and Bible study

  • To teach the seniors how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • To teach the seniors different methods of Bible study so that they can understand text by allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture along with utilizing commentaries and other resources

  • To teach the seniors how to defend their faith to those with other worldviews by studying those systems and comparing them to the Christian worldview.


  • Students will participate in Advanced Discipleship Training Levels 1-4, (based on the Sermon on the Mount), written by Dr. Charles Lake and published by Growth Ministries

  • Establish a daily quiet time and complete a weekly accountability log making personal applications from daily Scripture readings

  • Partner with another class member or members for weekly prayer and accountability

  • Memorize passages of Scripture each week for cumulative quizzes to hide God’s Word in their hearts

  • Receive instruction from each lesson and participate in class discussions

  • Students will be given instruction through modeling and practice of different methods of Bible study using Rick Warren’s Twelve Methods of Bible Study

  • Students will read and participate in a study of The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

  • Students will read and participate in a study of the worldview curriculum Understanding the Times, published by Summit Ministries, and practice sharing and defending their faith