High School Art


High School Studio Art

This course is offered during the first semester and introduces students to the fundamentals of studio art. Students will be encouraged to explore media and think, talk, and write about art. They will build foundational skills and begin their own portfolio. Using a variety of art medium, students will learn how to apply different elements and principles of the visual arts to their own works. Through both viewing and creating, art students are exposed to techniques, concepts, and processes essential for interpreting and creating art. The question facing each student throughout this semester long class is “why do I visually like what I like?” Students are pushed to be able to explain why they are inspired by different styles and works of art so that they can use these components in their own creations. Culture’s impact on art, and art’s impact on culture will also be a focus as students learn how to critique their own and others works of art. The overall goal of this class is to gain a deeper appreciation for art as a whole and enjoy the process of creating.

High School Graphic Art

(Class offered second semester every other year)

The overall focus of this course is to motivate students to think of communication as a problem that must be solved visually. An emphasis is placed on developing a personal process that is used to create marks and images that effectively communicate a message. A focus is placed on understanding the “ingredients” of good art and design. Through class discussions and viewing example students will possess the ability to break down an image and understand it by it’s elements rather than just it’s whole. Through in-class projects students will use those same ingredients to build images that effectively communicate an intended message. Students will become competent in the relevant software essential to graphic design.  By the conclusion of this course each student will posess a portfolio displaying examples of photo manipulation, identy branding, computer illustration, logo design, and advertising art.

High School Photography

(class offered second semester every other year)

The purpose of this course is to teach students the fundamentals of digital photography. This class will cover how to use cameras, including how a camera works and how and when to use a camera’s settings and functions. Students will also learn about composition, lighting, editing programs, and how to edit a photograph correctly. Students will see examples throughout the class of what makes a photograph excellent. They will have opportunities to shoot pictures inside and outside as they experiment with lighting and subject matter. They will also see demonstrations of how to properly edit a photograph, and have time to work on this in class. This class will help students learn to use a camera and lighting, take and edit a photos correctly, and what the qualities of a good photograph are.