Middle School Rotation Art

(quarter long class offered each year)

This quarter long class is designed to give a sampling of as many different art mediums as time allows. Through a variety of different projects, students will discover the potentiality and limitations of each medium with a priority placed on the process instead of the outcome. Students will be encouraged to express themselves through  image. They will learn basic techniques in drawing, and painting, as well as being introduced to basic elements and principles of art.  The aim is to posses the ability to apply these components into their own creations. Students will receive instruction on what being creative means and how to develop a process of creativity.

Middle School Studio Art

(Elective class offered second semester each year)

This course introduces students to the foundations of art techniques, artistic styles and art media.  Through a series of projects, students will have the opportunity to create accomplished works of art. Each project will begin with a problem which they must solve visually. Students will keep a sketchbook documenting their progress of creating including notes, sketches, and brainstorming concepts.  To aid in solving the visual problem students will view influential works of art throughout history and analyze how other artist solved similar problems.  In-class demonstrations and disecting of the principles and theories of art will further promote their inspiration. Students will self-examine completed works in an effort to foster a sense of accomplishment and commitment to high standards of art production.

Middle School Graphic Art

(elective class offered first semester each year)

This course exposes students to using computers as a design tool. Students will learn to use industry leading software to create digital works of art, this along with an understanding of basic elements and principles of design will give students the means to create effective images. Students will discover how a digital platform allows infinate possibilities for creating. A broadened awareness of how art and design saturates our culture will be developed by looking at many examples that are all around us. Through a series of projects students will get experience in computer illustration, image manipulation, advertising art, and identity branding.